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Hey! Are you a blogger? Or are you thinking of start Blogging! But do you think Blogging is the same as before in 2020? So friends, read this article till the end, in this article, we will know “Start blogging in 2020.” Let’s jump into the topic.
Start Blogging
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What is Blogging?

To understand Blogging, you need to understand what a blog is? A blog can be compared to a diary entry. It has writings that can be informal, formal, informative, or professional depending on the genre. Blogs are written regularly, where you need to update your blog with new content now and then. So now, coming to the question, the process of writing regular blogs is called blogging. Blogging has become a habit nowadays. From ‘What I eat in a day’ to ‘The new technologies in the world,’ people are sharing every bit of their experiences over blogs. Even companies are using Blogging as an essential tool for digital marketing and reaching out to a maximum number of people. Blogging is emerging as a new career option that has the right pay scale. Blogging helps you to communicate with the world, and it also offers you a platform to share your new concepts with different people. It is one of the best uses of free time as it increases your creativity and thinking process.

Why do you need a blog?

So, a question that may strike in your mind is that if you have to give some relevant content. You can make a website, then why go for a blog? ? If you want to make a website, you need to pay for the space on the Internet, you have a lot of options that provide space for blogging where you can update your content. Blogs are widely read to seek the answer of particular queries, to match experiences, or to get pre-visit pieces of information. Also, blogs are in Trend, and people love to follow things that are in Trend. Take an example before going on a trip, you search on Google about the best places out there, best hotels, accommodation guides, and so on, so here blogs come into action. There are people out there in the world who have experienced the same trip before you, and they share the information on their blogs, and you can access it and can be prepared for your trip.

Can you Make Money By Blogging?

Yes, Obviously you can make money online from blogging. If you get daily traffic then you can monetize your blog from different networks. Here Are Few Options To Make Money From Your Blog
  • Adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • E-book Selling
  • Own Product Selling
  • Paid Promotion

How to Start Blogging in 2020?

Now the biggest question is that over millions of blogs present over the Internet, how can your blog become the best one. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to make your blog hit the search list. So let’s get started by the ways.

Choose a niche

Though it is not compulsory that you need a specific genre to start blog writing, a style provides consistency to your blog. People will follow your blog if your content creates interest in them. Suppose you have a genre of entertainment, then people following the entertainment genre will visit your page regularly as they will be sure that you will write content that is of their interest. Whereas if you don’t have a specific genre, it doesn’t hold your audience. So select a genre at which you are expert, and famous it should interest you. It can be entertainment, food, technology, lifestyle, fashion, or anything else.

Choose your blogging platform

The second important thing is that you should choose the right platform for you to perform. The Internet offers various platforms where you can do Blogging. Such platforms are Blogspot, WordPress, and many more. Select one according to your preference. Then whichever platform you choose, you need to set up your account. Provide your details, set your domain name, give your blog website an attractive title, select a theme, and you are ready. Use a good picture and catchy titles. Here are two platforms…


There are two types of WordPress one self-host and managed. is self-host WordPress which we are going to use and another one is Wordpress is one of the most famous content management systems (CMS). 35% of the website is built with WordPress CMS. WordPress is free, you can download and upload into your servers, it’s ready to use. WordPress is popular for the easy dashboard, SEO friendly, responsive, security, and speed. You can customize as you want, most of the plugins and themes help you to create an awesome website without zero coding skills. You need to buy domain and web hosting to run your website.


Blogger is a popular product of google. Blogspot is 100% free you don’t need to pay for anything. You will get a subdomain on your website but you can also connect custom domain like .com, .net, .org. You don’t need to worry about web hosting and bandwidth. It comes with unlimited.

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Domain and Hosting

Domain and web hosting is the most important for your blog. Why is the domain important? Let me know you, the domain name is the alphabetic version of IP address. A good domain is the main SEO factor of on-page SEO. If you want to start a blog about the fashion category then choose your domain related to fashion. Finding a great domain, not easy.
Here are some important topics you should know before buy domain name:
  • Domain Name Should Be Short (two word – your website =
  • Always choose .com if Possible
  • Don’t buy trademarked domains
  • Check the Spelling
  • Check Your Domain’s Past
  • Check Facebook Blocked or Not
  • Check the Domain History via Wayback Machine
  • Buy Domain from a trusted company
  • Buy Whois protection
  • Avoid numbers
  • Hyphens are a mixed bag
Get your domain name suggestion from – ( . Let’s talk about web hosting, if you choose WordPress as a blogging platform then web hosting is the most important thing. There are lots of web hosting providers, WordPress officially recommended web hosting companies are BlueHost, Dreamhost and Siteground.
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A good web hosting company makes your site faster and handles everything related to servers. As a beginner, you most should know about the following details of web hosting companies.
Here are some important topics you should know before buying Web Hosting
  • Bandwidth
  • Storage
  • Scalability
  • Access
  • Support
  • Location
  • Solid-state drives
  • Backup
  • Read That Bandwidth and Disk space Terms.
  • Buy & Save with Commission Rebates or Coupons.
  • Use a One-Time Credit Card or PayPal
  • Avoid Long-Term Contracts Unless You Trust them
  • Ask About Security Features
Here is Some Good Web Hosting Companies With Exclusive Discount
Most Read:- FastComet Review: Is This The Fastest And Best Hosting? Most Read:- Should we use A2 hosting! Do they provide the service? Install WordPress on hosting After buying a domain and hosting, you have to install WordPress themes and plugins. For security & SEO purpose you have to install an SEO optimized WordPress theme which is schema optimized, lite speed, well coded.
Here Is Few Great WordPress Themes
  • Generatepress
  • Wp Astra
  • Studiopress
  • Schema pro
Plugins help you to customize and optimize your WordPress blog website. Installing unnecessary plugins can harm your website so install plugins on the limit. I am using 15 Plugins in, so you can install as you want but keep in mind never use plugins those plugins which are downloaded from unofficial websites. Most of the plugins were uploaded on plugin directory.
Here Are Some Most Important Plugins For Your WordPress Website
  • WP Rocket (Caching Plugin – Speed Optimization)
  • RankMath (SEO)
  • Contact Form 7 (Contact Form Creating)
  • Thrive Architect (Page Builder – Most Of the blogger use)
  • Elementor (Page Builder)
  • Easy Table Maker (Table Of Content)
  • Social Snap (Social Media Sharing and handling)
  • Updraftplus (Website Backup)

Know Your Audience

If you are using digital media for content sharing or content promotion, ‘then knowing your audience’ becomes the most important thing. Because if you don’t know for whom you are writing, you would not be able to make your content-specific. If you are writing about fashion, then you should know that your primary audience will be youth. So use language which they can understand and can relate to. Your blog should have content that targets the interest of your audience.

Write Your First Blog

Your first Blog should be an introductory post which should confirm your presence in the blogging world. Also, give an insight into your upcoming blogs, genre, and type of content you are going to write in the future.

Promote Your Blog

The most crucial thing after writing a blog is to promote it. You are writing it because you want people to see it, read it, and share it. You can promote your blog on your Facebook account, twitter handle, or anywhere you want. You can share the link with your contacts. If you want your blog to come in top searches, then you will need Search engine optimization, which is used to increase the traffic on your page by using keywords and backlinking. Keywords: Keywords are specific words that are generally searched by people. For example, if someone wants to go on a vacation to Hyderabad, then he will seek the best hotels, cheap hotels, places to visit, and so on. So these words are the keywords that you have to use in your blog. So that when people search for them, your article comes on top. (Read This Article For Getting More Information About Keywords) Most Read:- Best Tools For Keyword Research Most Read:- Long Tail Keywords vs Short Tail Keywords Backlink: backlinking refers to linking the URL of your blog to someone else’s blog, or you can connect it to your social media handles. People using those sites will be directed to your blog if they click the link. Want to Know more about backlink?  Click here Social Share : If you write an awesome post but people don’t know about it, that’s the worst thing about blogging. You need to share your articles with people and you know well, why you are writing or for who. Social media is the best platform where you can bring millions of free traffic/audience into your blog. You need to be very active and helpful on social media because people are searching for solutions or ideas for there’s problems. You can install social share plugins to increase the number of your social shares.
social share - - start blogging in 2020
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Paid Advertisement : Paid traffic is the best way to make your site popular and profitable. At the start, you are hungry for the traffic but you don’t get any traffic tail you work perfectly. Being blogger traffic is an important thing because, without traffic, a website is just like a template. You can improve your website SEO but it takes time to work so try paid advertising on social media and other platforms. One of the good points of paid advertising is, you can target your audience and make instant money from it. Have a good command over the language When it comes to writing, it is not necessary that you should be excellent in English. Having reasonable control over a language means language inns which you are writing your blog, you should be comfortable with the language. You should know basic grammar and have a useful vocabulary. But if you are writing blogs for professionals, then you need to have excellent command over grammar and vocabulary. In general, it is considered to use an easily understood vocabulary because the audience is a common public who might not have that rich vocabulary. Try to keep the language of your writing simple yet rich.

Be Active

Once you step into the world of Blogging and you get good followers, then you need to be consistent and continuous blogs should be updated. When someone follows your Blogging, it means they wait for your blog. So don’t disappoint your followers. Keep updating your blog on a regular interval of time so that the link between you and readers doesn’t break. Keep adding blogs to your blogging site as it increases traffic on your blogs.

Avoid Plagiarism

Plagiarism should not be even the last thing you do when you don’t get any content, as it may put you into some serious troubles. The thumb-rule of Blogging is that your content must be original. It should not have been copied from somewhere else as it can lead to infringement of the copyright act, and the next person whose content you have copied can take legal action against you. Sometimes it may happen that you like a particular statement, quote, picture, and you desperately want to share it. In such a case, you can give credit to the owner or put a reference in the form of a link from where you take that content. This will help you to not infringing on the copyright act.

Write Your Heart Out

Last but not least, the most crucial rule of Blogging is that your audience needs to connect with you. So write what your heart speaks to you to write for. Give your opinion in the best way you can. People love to read reality. Blogs on food, health, fitness, and lifestyle are ruling the Internet. People look for content from which they can build a connection. It is said that when something is done by heart, then it reaches directly to the core. The same principle Blogging follows.


So that was all about how to start blogging this year. If you are really interested in sharing your opinion with the world, then blogging is the best platform for you as it offers you a platform to reach millions of people. Make sure you utilize it in the best way you can. Nowadays, Blogging is not just limited to personal use, and it has entered professionalism as well. Companies are hiring people who can write blogs to promote their content. You can earn a handsome amount of money by writing blogs. You need to have a good knowledge of SEO and the content, and you can become a professional blog writer. The other advantage of blogs is that if you have a significant number of followers, then you can make a lot of money by placing ads on your blogs. Some companies look for bloggers with many followers, and then they put the advertisement of their product in your blog, and they pay you a perfect amount for that. So make sure you do proper promotion of your blog so that you can get a good number of followers and eventually can end up making the right amount of money. If you haven’t started writing a blog yet, then you must try your hand in it this year. Who knows you have a writer within you who connects with the taste of the audience. This new year this should be a must-try thing. Initially, you may feel disappointed as getting followers is not an easy job, but don’t give up. It takes years to build a brand. If you give your fullest, then definitely you are going to get a good response. Content comes next; at first, Blogging needs dedication and determination. Hope, you get the point of start blogging in 2020
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