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The annual general meeting of Mahalakshmi Life Insurance (MLIL) has been concluded. The meeting has decided to issue 6 million shares worth Rs. 600 million to the public.

At a meeting held at Hotel Rhodesin under the chairmanship of Manoranjan Raman Sharma, Chief Executive Officer of the company Ramesh Kumar Bhattarai gave a welcome address and briefed about the situation and problems in the life insurance sector.

Presenting the annual report, Chairman Sharma highlighted the current financial condition and future plans of the company.

Similarly, the meeting has passed the balance sheet, profit and loss account and other financial statements of the Fiscal Year 2075/76 along with the annual report submitted by the chairperson.

On behalf of the founders, the assembly has elected Manoranjan Raman Sharma, Umesh Lal Shrestha, Shuresh Sapkota, Samjhana Aryal and Vishwachanda Ghamire as the directors for the next four years.

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