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Kinsta Hosting Reviews 2020: The Best WordPress Hosting?

Through the years, the best hosting plans for WordPress websites and WooCommerce websites have been handled WordPress hosting.

There are lots of handled WordPress hosting providers online. Some lending it as an hosting plan among several other plans, although some suppliers working solely for WordPress hosting. Kinsta hosting is one of the most employed and quickest managed WordPress hosting providers from the pool of hundreds and thousands of other web hosts.

Kinsta Hosting Reviews
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Originally, most of the website owners don’t look after what kind of web host would be needed and operate for you the very best. But while the traffic starts flowing into your site, you would desire a searchable web host that’s quick enough to load your site on the Google Search Engine.

And if you are one of these website owners searching for the very best web host for your WordPress website, then hold on to this review since I have a lot to explain.

What is Kinsta Hosting?

Kinsta Hosting is a controlled WordPress hosting service provider, which premiered back in 2013. It had been launched by a lot of WordPress users that were unsatisfied with the WordPress hosting. Kinsta is powered by Google Cloud Platform which uses Google’s platform to get to the global industry. It also utilizes Google’s premium tier global network to ensure faster loading speed.

Kinsta hosting is quite different as compared to the traditional web hosting platform. It doesn’t fall under conventional shared, VPS or any other hosting offered by other businesses. The service engineers in Kinsta are the WordPress developers and supply customer support 24/7 all 364 days of the year.

What’s Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is the kind of hosting which is dedicated to WordPress only. It is the premium hosting made only for WordPress. In managed WordPress hosting, the server is tailored just to fulfill all the requirements of the WordPress website.

The loading rate to the storage space, everything is managed by WordPress itself. And hence, the managed WordPress hosting is favored hosting accessible for the WordPress website.

Why Kinsta Hosting?

Though being young in the field of web host, Kinsta has established itself as among the most reliable web hosts and has gotten to a worldwide market. Obtaining recognized all over the Earth, Kinsta must have been providing a superb service to its customers. And let me confirm its services are among the quickest and have the best functionality to function for your WordPress website.

Some of the key characteristics of Kinsta That You Ought to look after to get an awesome web hosting service provider are clarified below:

Features Of Kinsta Hosting

The practice of establishing Kinsta Hosting as your web server is extremely easy. I attempted to log into Kinsta and attempted to set it up as my web host and the procedure was extremely straightforward. A newcomer in the web host area can finish the procedure and I had to incorporate this as a vital quality of Kinsta. Some of the other internet hosts have very intricate login systems and Kinsta, on the other hand, has to most straightforward login system.


Kinsta Hosting is considering one of the fastest-loading web hosts among the bunch of different hosts out there. Some test on the site hosted by Kinsta hosting reveals the result of 91/100 background speeds given by Google Page Speed Insights with no caching, which is actually excellent.

Google Cloud Platform

Being connected with the Google Cloud Platform is that which actually makes Kinsta different from any other handled WordPress web host. The WordPress websites hosted by Kinsta is really hosted by the infrastructure and resources developed by Google.


Kinsta provides you an uptime of nearly 99.99%. Uptime is the amount of time your website is online. If your website is online 99.99percent of the time, then you are getting an amazing performance out of your hosting service supplier.


Kinsta Hosting applies different safety standards and safety protocols to make your site secure. Working finest for their clients has always been Kinsta Hosting’s main purpose and supplying secure web hosting service has always been exactly what Kinsta is famous for.


For any kind of plan you subscribe , Kinsta supplies a Control Panel for its customers. Using CPanel provided by Kinsta is extremely easy and easy.

Money-back warranty

Kinsta Hosting also offers a 30 days money-back warranty. Even in the event that you subscribe to some of the plans of Kinsta Hosting and also you don’t prefer it, you can get a refund just on 30 days of subscribing to it.

Free migration

Kinsta also offers 1 free premium migration and free unlimited basic migrations from some other hosts. Being in a position to supply its customers with complimentary unlimited migrations for your basic plan is another extraordinary feature provided by Kinsta.

Kinsta offers automatic backups of the site you host with this. The backups are saved in the server for only 14 times but it is free and the backups are done daily. You can go back to exactly the same version of this website when anything goes wrong or you prefer the previous version for free.

Kinsta Hosting has an extremely knowledgeable team functioning as the customer care team who are really the WordPress developers. Being WordPress developers functions in your favor as they would have the ability to solve any problems that occur in your WordPress site.

Staging Area

A staging area is a place where you can test new updates or the new plugins for your site. After testing the upgrades, you can decide if you would like to embed those modifications on your own site or not.

Free SSL Certificate

Kinsta is also known for providing free SSL certificates to all of its clients. Together with free SSL certificates, in addition, it provides imported SSL certificates.

Kinsta Hosting Strategies

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Kinsta works only for WordPress sites and only supplies managed WordPress hosting. It has different strategies with different price points and features according to the amount you pay.


It’s the cheapest plans among each of the other plans that cost $30 per months, outfitted with all the following features:

It cost $60 a month, equipped with all the following attributes:

It cost $100 a month, equipped with all the following attributes:

It cost $200 a month, outfitted with all the following attributes:

10 WordPress installs
250,000 visits
40 GB disk space
Free SSL & CDN


It cost $300 a month, equipped with all the following attributes:

It cost $400 per month, outfitted with all the following attributes:

It cost $600 per month, equipped with the following features:

60 WordPress supports
1,000,000 visits
100 GB disk space
Free SSL & CDN


It cost $900 a month, equipped with all the following features:

It cost $1200 a month, outfitted with all the following features:

120 WordPress installs
2,000,000 visits
200 GB disk space
Free SSL & CDN


It is the most expensive among all the other programs and cost $1500 per month, equipped with the following features:

150 WordPress supports
3,000,000 visits
250 GB disk space
Free SSL & CDN


Are Kinsta Hosting worth the purchase price and are the characteristics great enough to sponsor a site to its utmost capability?

Yes. The quickest with uptime of 99.9percent with such an wonderful price point is where Kinsta is considered to be better than any other handled WordPress hosting service provider.

On top of this, employing Google Cloud Platform has given it an advantage which is employed on its customer’s behalf. Thus, make a wise choice of Kinsta and let the magic happen in your own site.

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