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Welcome to another edition of blogger deal interview series. In today’s interview series, we have Ramesh Rawat, who has made a good name for himself in the blogging community in a short period of time.

As you all know, in the interview series, we get in touch with the success bloggers, Affiliate marketers, SEO specialists, and influencers to discuss various ways to build a profitable blog.

After an amazing interview with Chayan Chakrabarti , here we have Ramesh Rawat to share his experience, tips with you to achieve success in blogging.

Without further delay, let’s me share the lovely conversation I had with Ramesh Rawat.

Ramesh, can you please introduce yourself to BloggerDeal readers?

Answer : First of all, Thanks Ankit for Inviting me on your Blog.

Hello, guys thanks for joining us. 

This is Ramesh Rawat. I am a Part-Time Blogger, Youtuber, and Affiliate Marketer and Founder of and Youtube Channel. I was born and brought up in a tiny village (Gular) of Uttarakhand, which does not even exist on Google. Here we don’t have roads, electricity and Internet connectivity.

Therefore, I had to move out. I completed my graduation from Kumaun University Nainital and moved to Delhi. I have been struggling in Delhi for the last one decade.  Nainital is a fantastic hill station you should visit one, especially in winter. 

Apart from Blogging Ask, I am running 5-6 micro-niche blogs in different niches. And I also have a Facebook Group “Blogging Ask VIP Community” where anyone can join.

What inspired you to start Blogging?

Answer: I started blogging in February 2017.

My day job was not able to take care of my expenses as I was living on rented accommodations, so I searched for some part-time jobs so that I can earn some extra bucks.

And the first result in Google was “make money online” from, where he had discussed some ways of making money online. And Blogging was one of them. 

And then, I decided to create a blog aboututtrakhand(dot)com to earn money online. I started publishing content on that Blog without doing keyword research and all that. 

first blog
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Then getting Adsense Approval was very easy as compared to now. So I got Adsense approval and started to click on my ads. Soon Google Identified it, and my account was disabled. 

Although I was not earning a single penny from that Blog but yet I was like I have lost my space. 

I again started reading Harsh Aggarwal’s articles, and this time I did not create a free blog on blogger. Instead, I purchased hosting and domain from Godaddy. 

Here is the screenshot of my first blog.

my first blog callmeout
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It’s so funny, but the domain name was as Harsh Aggarwal inspired me. One day my boss called me up in his chamber and said: “you should not surf adult sites in the office.”

I was shocked and surprised because I was not surfing any adult sites, but after some time, I realized that he might have thought that “” is an adult site because I was setting up my Blog. 

I know I am boring you with my silly stories, but I thought I should mention it because every blogger starts their blogging journey while doing a full-time job, and these things happen. 

Let’s move forward.

This Blog was also a complete failure for me as I was copying content from 

So I stopped working on this domain and decided to educate myself first. I learned Blogging, SEO from Google, and Youtube. Once I felt that I had enough knowledge about Blogging and SEO, I jumped up to Godaddy and booked a domain. 

This time I started an affiliate marketing blog on “Shoes” because I love shoes and its variety, and this Blog was successful to some extent, and I earned some money as well.

But I was stuck up in building backlinks and all that, so I decided to invest in SEO and Blogging courses.  And after learning from the courses I implemented it on my blogs and made decent money.

Life goes on, and in 2019 I decided to start a Youtube Channel where I could share my blogging experience. In the meanwhile, I started many micro niche blogs.

And finally, in November 2019, I launched BloggingAsk to share some blogging experience and the same is in front of you guys.

What changes Blogging brings in your life?

Answer: Blogging brings so many changes in my life:

  • It boosts my confidence, and it also helps me in improving my reading, writing, and communication skills.
  • Blogging helped me to make relationships with other bloggers. It also helped me to gain and spread the information and knowledge I have. 
  • It helped me to build my name in the online world, and now some so many bloggers know me.
  • I was able to start a blogging business that pays me on autopilot, while sleeping or while I travel to my hometown.

How do you make money with Blogging? What are your income sources?

Answer: As far as Blogging is concerned, my primary sources of income are affiliate marketing, Adsense, and sponsored posts. 

Tips you would like to share to be a Better Blogger?

Answer: Blogging is not a quick-rich scheme. The most important tip I can give to all the newbies who are starting in that don’t follow the crowd. Pick a niche which you are comfortable in. Work hard and have patience, you’ll definitely get results. Don’t expect quick results. 

Blogging takes time, and there is no fixed time for the results; it depends on your content and hard work. 

One more tip: don’t work hard; also work smart because if you are smart enough, you may get results soon.

How do you promote your blog posts?

Answer: As far as Blogging Ask is concerned, I promote it via Facebook Group, YouTube videos, Medium, Quora, Facebook Ads, Quora Ads, and Linkedin. 

What are your five Affiliate Marketing tips for more sales?


  1. Publish high-quality content.
  2. Don’t hesitate to invest if required.
  3. Buy the products or tools yourself and review it, then you will write epic content, and you can share your personal experience.
  4. Write Comparison articles or videos between two products you are promoting
  5. Build an audience.  

What are your favorite blogs?

Answer: Although I read so many blogs and I have a vast list, these are my favorite blogs: 


How do you manage your time?

Answer: Well, I am not a full-time blogger, so time management is essential for me.

On weekdays I work on my blogs from 9 PM to 2 AM, and I have made my calendar, meaning I have assigned the days for a particular task.

And on Sundays, I focus entirely on Blogging because of the week off from the office job.

But as you know that currently, we are in lockdown due to COVID 19, I can entirely focus on my blogs. In fact, I started a new blog, and I am working on that nowadays. 

Tools you found very useful for excelling in Blogging?

Answer: Tools are essential in Blogging, and I am using lots of tools which makes it easy for me to manage my blogs.

SEMrush: Best SEO tool, which I have been using for one and a half years, and still, there is no alternative to it so far.

SEMrush helps to find money-making keywords that rank quickly in search engines like Google and Bing without building backlinks. It is one of the best spy tools I must say. 

Google Task: It helps me to manage all my work like content writing, guest posting, social media, blog promotion, outreach, etc.

Grammarly: I found Grammarly one of the best tools for bloggers, how can I miss it when it comes to proofreading blog posts, etc. 

When I started blogging in 2017, my writing skill was inferior, but Grammarly helped me a lot. 

Camtasia: Camtasia is a screen recorder and video editing software that I am using for recording and editing videos for my YouTube Channel.

MindMapFree: This is another fantastic tool that helps me in making mind maps. 

Canva: I think this is the most common tool, and everyone is using it for creating featured images for blogs, YouTube thumbnails, etc. but I am also using it for creating Facebook Ads, etc. 

Please share where my readers can connect with you?

Answer: If someone wants to connect with me, then they can check out my social handles. Even if someone has some questions or doubts, they can send me direct messages on Instagram and I will love to answer them.

Here are my social handles.

What is the message for Readers?

Answer: As I said earlier, Blogging is not a quick-rich scheme. So the best tip is to focus on one niche at a time and publish high-quality content and wait for the results. 

If you do hard work on your blog, then I guarantee that within the next six months, you will start seeing results. I am not saying that after six months, you will start getting sales, but I mean your posts will start coming up in SERP.

One more tip, don’t just follow the crowd. I mean, don’t do what others are doing. Else you will not get results. 

And I had already shared with you my story when I started copying content from shoutmeloud, which was my biggest mistake. And I never repeat that mistake.

One more thing if you are a newbie then invest on courses so that you can learn. 

I think I have already consumed so much of your precious time. 

Now, it’s time to say thank you to Ankit, who asked me to bring my story with his readers. 

Thanks for your time. 

Happy Blogging 

Keep Hustling!!!!!!!

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