Interview With Chayan Chakrabarti: Improve Your Blogging and SEO Skills

Hey, welcome back I decided to start an interview series with the popular digital marketer, SEO specialist, blogger, and influencer.

In today’s interview series, we have Chayan Chakrabarti from,  Chayan is a well-known personality in the affiliate marketing and blogging niche, he is founder of a popular blogging community

If you are looking for incredible ways to build a great blog that makes money, you need to learn from the experts who have already done it. That’s the reason I started the interview series on BloggerDeal. 

Today, we are going to discuss a few great things with Chayan Chakrabarti to build a better blog. Chayan is the emerging blogger from India and he has a lot to share with you. Are you ready? Let’s jump into the Chayan Chakrabarti’s interview.

1. Chayan First of all Thanks a lot for accepting my interview request. Please share a few details about you and your online blogs?

Hey Ankit, thanks a lot for inviting me to share my story with your audience. My Name is Chayan Chakrabarti, I am from India. I am a computer application graduate and worked with different multinational organizations for over 5 years. 

I started my blog simplefactsonline to help people with Digital Marketing, blogging, and SEO related stuff. 

I am currently also working on another venture sourceblogging. It will be dedicated for bloggers. Currently working with the designing and content on that blog. I hope in a few days you guys will be able to see the values that I will drive to sourceblogging.

2. Chayan how you get into blogging and how has been the journey so far?

Well, I started my blogging career in 2019, I think I was late to start the blogging. But the kind of help and support I received from the blogging community, helped me to grow fast in blogging.

I started my blog as a side hustle as I needed something alongside my job that can help me grow in life. Blogging is a wonderful business model. But a blogger should consider a blog as a business. 

3. From where you got the inspiration?

I am a self-motivated person and I always take actions based on my decisions. However, the story of Harsh Agarwal given me the courage to start a blog. 

I knew about this blogging industry from 2016, but I could not start as I thought I won’t be able to give time to my blog, as I am working full time. But once I started my blogging, I experienced the true potential of it.

4. How are you currently monetizing your blog traffic?

I am focusing on multiple channels as of now. Using Ad widgets in some blogs, affiliate marketing on some. Soon, I will come up with my own product. 

5. What common mistakes most bloggers make while starting their blogs according to you?

A blogger can rectify his or her mistakes anytime if they want. When I started my blogging journey, I did not know how to get blog post ideas, how to write an article that ranks on google . But my intention was to improve me as a blogger and a person. And I started learning things, even though I am learning daily from everyone. 

The biggest mistake a blogger does is not get along with other bloggers in the same niche. Understand one thing, there are bloggers who are blogging for a long time. So they know how to start and complete any tasks. Instead of competing with them, we can collaborate with them.

So when I started, I did a lot of outreach activities to take my blog to this stage.

I have seen many bloggers are focusing on money instead of improving themselves. And they complain about traffic, bounce rates, social shares, and backlinks. This is the biggest concern. 

6. What are the major challenges you face while building your blog Create And Go?

Well, there were many challenges that I have faced and it’s for anyone if they are starting a blog with no prior blogging experiences. I did not know how to plan my content marketing and many other things. I wish I could show you my website design when I started. 

Let me clear one thing here, struggling with your blog is not bad, but if you can not identify your blogging challenges and take immediate actions to fix them, then you will have a problem to grow your blog.

7. Which blog do you open daily (Favorite Websites)?

Interesting question. I love reading and I go through with many blogs and try to understand their content and monetization part.

I follow those blogs


8. Your favorite Books and Movies?

I do not get much time to read books nowadays because of my professional commitments. But I like reading thrillers and watching action or thriller movies. I can consume any text audio-video contents related to Sherlock Holmes. Apart from that, I liked the movie The Wolf Of The Wallstreet. On that movie Leonardo Dicaprio should get an Oscar, this is what I think,

9. How Much Time do you spend daily on Blogging?

I spend roughly around 4 to 6 hours daily On my blog. 

10. What are the premium blogging tools do you use to run your blog?

I mostly use premium tools on my blog to get the best return of my efforts, as of now I am using generate press and elementor pro to design all my websites. 

Wp rocket premium to increase my website load time. Grammarly premium to write correct English. 

For SEO I trust on Semrush, Moz and Ahrefs. I will start building my email list soon and for that, I will use convertkit.

11. What’s your #1 advice for someone who wants to make a full-time income from blogging (without quitting their jobs)?

  • Select A Niche 
  • Start Putting A Few Contents
  • Promote Them
  • Learn On-Page SEO
  • Build Legit Backlinks
  • Understand Social Media
  • Create Parallel Content To Get tier 2 And Tier 3 Links

12. What are the important tips for a newbie blogger?

Do not start blogging if you want to earn money from day 1. Blogging is not a quick rich scheme. After putting in a lot of effort, I earned my first $ online after 3 months. So if you are not ready to put effort, then forget about blogging.

I always tell new bloggers to create their own strategies. Understand one thing here, I am a blogger, but I am a human first. Every human is different, they have different skills, ambitions, desires. So the kind of strategies I am following now, you won’t be able to follow it, as you have different goals in life. Even if a new blogger follows it, it will be difficult for them to sustain. So create your strategies from day 1.

13. What is the best SEO strategy to get a blog to succeed?

I would recommend a new blogger to target long-tail keywords, it increases the chances to rank higher. Analyze the top 10 contents on google, follow their best practices and create content that is instantly actionable. 

14. Most of the bloggers failed due to choosing the wrong niche, how can we choose the right niche?

A blogger has to be passionate about the topics that he is writing. If not, then there will be struggles and struggles. Choose a niche that you follow and know-how the industry works. 

There are people who hide their micro niche sites and amazon affiliate sites so that no one can copy it. I mean are you serious? If you have a website then proudly say about it. So do some research before choosing your niche. And you are the best judge of your capabilities so invest some time to select a niche.

15. How making a connection with other bloggers can help to grow a Blog?

My Blog is based on generous networking. Don’t miss any opportunity. Show them your commitment and everything else will fall in place

16. Where can our readers follow you?

Thanks, A lot Again Ankit for letting me share my journey so far with your readers. They can join the Digital Marketing Forum, Our FB community to get the knowledge about Digital Marketing, Blogging, SEO and many more things.

Now it’s your turn. What are your thoughts on today’s interview with Chayan Chakrabarti? What was the learning for you from this amazing interview? And in case you have any questions around blogging, SEO and want to ask the same to Chayan, please do the same using the comments section.

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13 thoughts on “Interview With Chayan Chakrabarti: Improve Your Blogging and SEO Skills”

  1. Thank you Ankjit sir for taking the interview with Chayan sir!

    It’s a full value-packed interview, Chayan sir always inspires me to take action rather than talking.

    Thank you for this amazing blog post.

  2. Nice interview conducted. Kudos to you!!!
    Chayan is an inspirational buddy doing really great on his blog.
    I really amazed to read that he has multiple blogs and testing different monetization methods.
    This is how you can build multiple skills.

  3. Hi Chayan and Ankit,

    Sensational advice, guys. Blog with a keen eye on outreach. Chayan, things are growing for you because you dove right into outreach. What a smart move. Bloggers try to blog solo as newbies, struggle and fail. Make friends. Connect with bloggers by generously helping them. Success in making buddies through your generous service.



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