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Interserver Review: An Affordable Hosting for Beginner in 2020

About Interserver

Interserver is one of the best web hosting service providers. Today we are going to breakdown the interserver review.

If you are searching for good web hosting services then obviously you know somewhere about interserver, if you don’t know don’t worry today I will explain everything about interserver web hosting.

Slow Website is a Silent Killer
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Are You Excited? 

Let’s start, interserver is one of the top web hosting provider companies. The company was started 21 years ago by two college students by the names of Mike Lavrik & John Quaglieri.

Now becoming a leading web hosting provider, interserver provide different – different web hosting services like Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Quick Servers, and Dedicated Servers along with colocation services to continue to exceed our customers.

Interserver has it’s own 4 data centers and they don’t rent so your website is completely secured.

You can install more than 400 apps in one click. If you want to install WordPress, Joomla or any other apps on your website then it’s super easy.

Why Interserver is better than other web hosting companies


If you choose a web hosting first thing you have to check about the security of the servers. Security is the most important factor for your website growth because it affects your website SEO and you lose visitors because users want to feel secure when they are suffering from a website.

Interserver has an in house developed security solution for all servers. You don’t need to worry about security, you should only focus on your website traffic.

They block web attacks, automatic virus scanner, Machine Learning Firewall, and many more.

Free migration   

The most popular feature that Interserver offers is a free migration service. Transferring a website to another server without downtime is not an essay. 

The export team of interservers helps you to migrate your existing server to interserver hosting without downtime, which is great.

Their export team can migrate your website which is any programming language, frameworks or almost cms like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla.


Cpanel is one of the top leading web hosting control panels. This is the web hosting control which comes with many features. It is not easy to manage a website without a Cpanel because everyone doesn’t have knowledge about root servers.

Interserver provides you Cpanel as a control panel so you don’t need to spend lots of time managing your website in the root.

Price Lock Guarantee

The price you sign up for is your guaranteed price for Shared Hosting. Some web hosting companies increase their renewal price. You don’t need to think about your renewal fee.

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30 Day Guarantee

If you are not fully satisfied with interserver web hosting plans, they will issue a refund.

So, you don’t have any kind of risk about losing your money. You can ride a test only at $0.01 for a month. 

30 days is enough time to clear your doubts about interserver hosting.


Free Website Builder

Interserver has a One-click publish option as a website builder to create your website which is powered by stepdad.

You can easily build professional web pages in a minute. You have to just pick a theme, customize the content add images, audio, text, videos and your site is ready now click Publish.

The interserver website builder tools come with a 300+ ready theme to use. 40+ widgets make your website professional and stylish. The website builder makes your website responsive and SEO friendly.

You can simply create your static web pages (HTML, CSS, JS). The website building process is a simple drag and drop interface to create beautiful websites without any technical knowledge.

Interserver Shared Hosting

Interserver provides the top level of shared hosting. You can feel the super speed in their standard shared hosting plan.

Standards shared hosting plan comes with everything unlimited such as web disk space, bandwidth,  FTP Accounts and many more.

The Interserver provides Unlimited ULTRA SSD Storage so you don’t need to worry about web disk limitation. 

Your website gets super speed load time until you use 1 GB of web disk 1 GB on your shared web hosting plan after that your SSD Storage transferred to HDD Storage so if you are a heavy user then you can choose Cloud VPN plan of interserver. 

Standard shared web hosting plans come with a Cpanel for web hosting control panel. It’s very easy to use so beginners can also use this control panel like a pro.

Interserver Cloud VPS Hosting

Interserver well known for virtual private servers. Interserver.net provides reliable & affordable hosting solutions. Pricing is pretty low so you can scale price as per resources you need.

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Interserber.net provides complete root access, so you don’t need to get permission to install the control panel and operating system. They don’t put any limit for accessing or updating your web data and service so you can use your servers everywhere, anytime.

Website speed matters at the 1 first so they provide lighting fast loading speed. You don’t lose any customers due to website loading speed. All VPS servers are SSD cloud-based.

You will get dedicated resources for VPS cloud, i.e. CPU cores, memory, storage, bandwidth, etc. You can choose research as per your requirements and budget

Self-Healing Hardware helps to keep your site secure or maximum uptime with keeping your site data safe. If their one server gets any problems then their A.I system deducts problems from your servers and immediately your website redirects to other nodes.

If you are paying for the server obviously they take care of your servers. Their in-house built security system looks into your VPS servers all the time.  Interserver provides Virtual Machine containers that are secured in a jail environment. Your workload would not be accessible by other virtual servers on the same node (servers).

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You will get a guarantee of 99.9% of uptime guarantee with their virtual private servers. The Dedicated Backup Solution of interserver keeps your website always safe and will have access to backup features that you can use to recover your data anytime.

Interserver offers free managed support when you purchase 4 slices or more. You can contact them to help you with security patches, diagnosing of failed services, and help with control panel issues. To take advantage of their support services, I highly recommend using a control panel such as cPanel, Plesk, or DirectAdmin.

Some extra features of interserver.net

  • A Reliable & Affordable Hosting Option
  • Access Your Data Anywhere, Anytime
  • Get a Full Control
  • Lighting Fast Loading Speed
  • Dedicated Resources
  • Self-Healing Hardware
  • Better Collaboration
  • Top-notch Security
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Dedicated Backup Solution
  • Development
  • cPanel Hosting Solutions
  • Database

Windows VPS Hosting

You can launch your windows VPS server with 3 different OS.

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Free Web Hosting Offers By Interserver

Student hosting

Interserver provides 1-year free web hosting for a student. If you are a teacher or student, looking for web hosting to develop and learn something new then go with interserver they provide free web hosting. You will get unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited website, and unlimited emails. This service is overall beneficial for teachers & students.

How you can get free student web hosting?

Simply sign up with your school, college email (.edu) and contact them from live chat, email or phone call whatever you can. After your request, they will review your detail and add credit for a 1-year free student web hosting plan.

Non – Profit Web Hosting

Interserver provides free web hosting for non-profit organizations. You are running a non-profit organization then you don’t need to pay anything with interserver to get web hosting. Running a non-profit organization is not easy, so interserver want to help them by providing standard web hosting services to increase the online visibility of non-profit organizations.

Increase your online presence by creating your very own website. You can create a fully customization able website without any restriction. You will get unlimited web storage, unlimited data transfer, unlimited websites and unlimited email for your communication.

How you can get free web hosting for your non-profit organization?

Create your account on interserver then Send them an email to [email protected] with a copy of your IRS 501C3 tax identification letter. You have to provide your domain name in the email after you email they will set up your free account and keep in mind you have to provide a backlink from your website footer by adding “Powered by InterServer” and point to interserver official website if you don’t do that under 30 days you have to pay for hosting.

What Expert Say About Interserver

Here are some export points about interserver review, you can find more about the service from their sales page.

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Affiliate Program and Reseller Hosting

Interserver gives you the chance to make money from their service. You can make money from reselling their service or affiliate marketing.

They provide hosting reselling services, you can make your own web hosting company without investing money to create a local data center. Creating your own data center for web hosting business is very duff it needs lots of money and manpower. You can make your web hosting company using interserver resources.

interserver - affiliate program - bloggerdeal.com
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You can make money from affiliate marketing of interserver hosting services. If you have good relevant traffic and you can promote interserver affiliate offers then you can generate lots of money.

They pay more than $500,000 a single year. They offer $100 per sale commission and if you have a targeted audience then you can also approach more commission per sale.

Pros and cons of interserver

Price-Lock Guarantee” means no price hikes ever (and no fine print)Weekly backups (instead of daily).
Convenient 24/7 support via phone, email, live chatFree hosting for students is for 1 year only
WordPress expertise means hassle-free hostingSlow after 1 gb disk complete

Final Words

Do I recommend interserver ?


I used an interserver for some micro niche blogs and I never get any issues. Their service is completely managed so you don’t need to worry about it. I have written this interserver review article after tasted my self.

You can check out their service just for 0.01$

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Interserver Frequently Ask Question FAQ

Here, I have written some frequently ask questions regarding interserver web hosting.

Why interserver is best?

The interserver provide unique and amazing service. I love interserver for their price lock system. Most of the company increase price while renewal but in interserver you don’t need to pay extra for renewal. You can see others amazing features on this interserver review article. This is of the best web hosting company because of their internal and external security.

Why SSL certificate is important?

Security is the come first while browsing in internet so if you have ssl certificate on your website then you can fell secured and as well as your website visiter too. SSL is also important for seo, if you don’t have SSL may be you lose your visitors. If visitors fell insecure then they never return to your blog.

Can i get free hosting for non profit organization?

Interserver provide free web hosting for non-profit organization. You can get your free web hosting if you are running non-profit organization. You need to follow some setup, how you can get free hosting. You can get complete details directly from their non-profit hosting page.

Can i get free hosting as a student?

Interserver provide free web hosting for students to learning purpose. Most of the students can’t afford web hosting and another things while Mike Lavrik & John Quaglieri they start web hosting while they are also student so now they have world class web hosting company. If you are student and looking for web hosting for learning purpose then you can go with interserver. You can get free student web hosting for 1 year. Here is the link for student web hosting of interserver.

In this interserver review article you will know completely about their service.

What is VPS?

Vps is virtual private server where you can store your data separately.
It’s a more secure, faster and stable solution then shared web hosting, if you want to load your website with second then you can go with inteserver vps. VPS service fit for medium traffic websites. You can use windows vps or linux vps as pear your requirement.

What is shared web hosting?

Shared web hosting is refer to server resources are shared with others. There is multiple domain hosted and they also use resources in shared environment. Shared web hosting is slower then VPS and dedicated servers. If shared website get heavy request at the same time then all website get slow reason by shared resources. If website is brand new and start from beginning then choose shared hosting, if you have large scale of traffic then go with VPS and dedicated servers.

Why website get Slow?

Website get slow due to unmanaged web hosting, GEO of data center, unoptimized images also primary reaon behind slow your website. Here is others reason for slow down your website speed, not using a content delivery network (CDN), website CSS isn’t optimized, caching issues are preventing optimized page loading, large media files are increasing loading times, poorly-written scripts are conflicting with other site elements, render-blocking java-script Is delaying page loads.

Best hosting for small business?

Business need complete managed web hosting to run their informative website smoothly. Actually they don’t have all time to manage a informative website so , small business required a good web hosting service like interserver. Interserver is the one of the world class web hosting company so if you run business and looking for great completely safe managed web hosting company then i will highly recommend go with interserver. You can read compete features of in interserver review post.

Interserver fit for large company?

Large company required high quality web hosting and need web hosting like Dedicated servers, Rapid Deploy Servers, GPU-powered servers, 10 gbps Dedicated Server,  High capacity dedicated servers. Interserver allow to large companies who need those types server’s. You can found lots of features on reasonable price.

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