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DreamHost Reviews: Is DreamHost A Good Hosting?

One of the oldest web hosts offering hosting services at a very reasonable cost is DreamHost. DreamHost provides web hosting solutions from traditional shared hosting to more intricate VPS and dedicated hosting.

If you’re just beginning in the internet world and are looking for a reliable and affordable web host to host your website, then shut your eyes and select DreamHost.

DreamHost mostly focuses on the novices and it’s made its services quite easy to use.

About DreamHost?

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After over 20 decades of operating in the online business, DreamHost does know what it is doing and currently, it hosts roughly 1.9 million websites worldwide.

Mainly known for 97 days money-back guarantee, DreamHost additionally provides many boundless services such as; infinite disk space and bandwidth.

Although the majority of the DreamHost packages are promoted to startups and novices, it will give you the opportunity to grow by providing VPS and dedicated hosting plans.

Why DreamHost?

As I have already mentioned a number of the crucial features of DreamHost because of that it was the most valued and highly demanded web hosts among the rest of the hosts.

A number of the key characteristics of DreamHost and also the reason for its popularity for more than 20 years are as follows:


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Uptime is something novices do not even consider while choosing a website but it plays an essential role when the traffic on your website increases. Uptime is the amount of time your site is online and your website ought to be online all of the time. And hence offering 99.96% uptime is extremely good when compared to other web hosts.

Loading speed is just one of the most essential areas of a web hosting service. DreamHost has been supplying its customers with the above-average speed of 719 ms, which is amazing loading speed. Loading speed is essential to bring your website to the top of the Google Search Engine and supplying an extraordinary speed has always been its primary characteristic.

Money-Back Gurantee

Mostly known for its generous number of days to attempt DreamHost, it provides you 97 days money return guarantee. 97 times is a great deal of time to test a new web host on your site and decide whether it works for you or not. DreamHost has been known globally for its impressive 97 times refund.


Starting with just $2.75, DreamHost provides its clients many boundless providers in a very affordable amount. The amount for which you can host your site is the identical sum for which you may purchase a donut for yourself in the morning.

Apps Support

DreamHost supports distinct versatile applications that you may need to use alongside hosting your site and using your site domain. A few of the programs it supports are Wix, Website Builder, etc..

Unlimited Disk Space

One of many unlimited features provided by DreamHost is Infinite disc space. As soon as you log in to DreamHost, you need not be concerned about going out of the supplied area and may freely add the amount of websites as you would like.

Unlimited bandwidth

Another key feature of DreamHost is the boundless bandwidth it provides. You don’t have to worry about the total amount of bandwidth that you use once your site becomes popular. Once your website becomes popular and if you’re using any other web hosting service, you may need to upgrade your bandwidth because your website may be using more of it. However, with DreamHost, you need nor fret about what your site traffic is lacking on any other capabilities.

Affordable Renewal Price

DreamHost is transparent about the price as well as the features it provides together with the price it provides its clients. DreamHost does not take twice and thrice as more because of the renewal of the web hosting programs, contrary to other web hosting service suppliers.

Customer Support

DreamHost is equipped with a knowledgeable team that is prepared to help its customers whenever they need help. Their 24/7 customer support is commendable and they solve the problem that arises on your own site in only a few minutes.

DreamHost plans

DreamHost is there for anyone who’s a beginner to somebody who requires a different server to host their website as well. The various hosting plans come with different price points and different features. The various hosting plans offered by DreamHost to its customers are as follows:

Shared Hosting

is the traditional hosting, which is principally aimed for beginners. If you’re hosting your first site then you should go with shared hosting Hosting is rated the hottest among all the hosting plans in DreamHost. DreamHost provides two sub-plans of Shared Hosting; Shared Starter and Shared Unlimited for $2.59, $5.95 per month respectively, only in the event that you register for 3 decades.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting is also one of those conventional web host solutions supplied for WordPress websites. You can work directly with WordPress pros if you sign up for this program for your WordPress site. WordPress professionals themselves handle all the WordPress plans along with your site.

DreamHost provides 3 distinct sub-plans for WordPress Hosting; Shared WordPress Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, and VPS for WordPress that can cost you $2.59, $16.95, and $27.50 a month respectively.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is much more of the newest technology and uses different physical servers to provide its clients using the cloud environment to server upon. DreamHost also supplies cloud hosting as among its hosting plans, which can be divided into two sub-plans; DreamCompute and DreamObject.

On the grounds of this RAM provided in each of the services, they are further classified.


VPS or Virtual Private Server is the sort of hosting where you are given the illusion of utilizing dedicated hosting. If you are thinking about shifting to the hosting and aren’t certain, then I suggest VPS hosting.

You will find an notion of how committed hosting works without actually using it.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting is among the most expensive hosting plans among the rest of the plans available in DreamHost. It is the kind of hosting where you receive a single server for you and you have to host your site using that specific server.

You receive full responsibility for your website and this hosting plan is beneficial to you if your website has lots of traffic. DreamHost offers 2 sub-plans Standard and Enhanced that cost $149 and $279 per month respectively.

Final Say

DreamHost has been hosting websites for at least 20 years and also to survive all these years with outstanding performance is a huge deal.

To work with nearly 1.9 million websites, DreamHost must have been doing something properly and everything it is, I do think you should give DreamHost an opportunity to host your website.

DreamHost essentially specializes in beginners who are just starting up in this online world. With reasonable rates and lots of boundless services, DreamHost is offering impressive characteristics to its clients at a reasonable price point.

Not everything is ideal, and hence there are a variety of backside of DreamHost as well, for example; expensive site migration and late replies from their customer care team. But the cost and other features knock the pitfalls and works for better performance and also to provide better service to its clients.

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