Best Tools For Keyword Research – Ultimate Guide in 2020

Finding the best keywords is always difficult, so today we will talk about the best tools for keyword research.

Are you ready?

You can find lots of tools on the internet for keyword research, but today you can learn some easy any powerful methods some free and some paid tools. 

Keywords are the most important factors for rank your website on top of the google search page.

If you are reading this article then you already know about keyword research in SEO. The keyword is the main factor for the rank your website, you can find a great keyword that has high search volume and low competition. 

Tools For Keyword Research

Soovle (free)

This is a free keyword research tool. You can easily find out multiple keywords from a single type. Soovle is a customizable engine that unites the suggestion from all manor service providers. They suggest from like Google, Bing, Amazon,, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Youtube.

You can save your Suggestions by drag & drop, then you can easily download as a CSV file.

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Ubersuggest (free)

Ubersuggest is a free keyword research tool. This tool provides you with a wide range of features regarding SEO. 

ubersuggest provides everything as much as paid SEO tools provide.

These tools are beginner-friendly so there is no skill required to get started. You can easily rank your new website using these tools, these tools allow you to trace your competitor website. You can check their backlinks and organic ranking keywords.

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Google (free)

Google is the best and easiest way to get some ideas about the keywords. Google allows you to search your keywords and find which is relevant, what actually people are searching for. You can use google for the primary tool as a keyword research tool.

You can check which keyword rank in google, then you can get some more information about the whole article. If you want your keyword rank in google then it’s the first place where you can get keywords idea, content idea and why those posts are top of the google search result. 

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When you visit google homepage you can see a search bar and if you type there you can get an idea of what actually people are searching for.

You can see the top of the google search result page “People also ask” in Box.

Google - keyword research tool-People also ask-
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There are lots of questions and their short answer, now the point is how its help to find your relevant keywords. Ok, let tell you how it helps to find your keywords, the question, and answer which is shown in the “People also ask” the query people searching in google related to the searched keywords.

You can get an idea of what people are also searching for. Now you can check those keywords in other tools like ahrefs, SEMrush or Ubersuggest.

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WordStream’s Keyword Tool (free)

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Wordstream keyword tool is one of the best keyword research tools available on the internet. You can easily find your hundred relevant keyword results. 

You can find complete details of keywords such as competition score, an estimated CPC, and a proprietary Opportunity Score that helps you for growth hack your blog.

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer (paid)

Ahrefs: A comprehensive SEO tool that covers all like SEO audit, keyword ranking check, backlink analyzing, and competitors’ site spying. 

The tools are the most popular on the internet for checking competitor’s domain authority,  backlinks, ranking keywords, related keywords and you can easily beat your competitors. 

If you want to rank your website top of google then you have to do something better than your competitors so these tools help you to rank your website.

Keywords are most important for ranking so these tools help you to find low concentrations high search value keywords.

If you start a blog using keywords that have high search and high competition then you are not getting any results (paid)

This tool is the same as ubersuggest but this is much better and has a different effective function than ubersuggest.

These tools help you to grow your website on the internet in the right way. You can easily find your secret keyword for your website.

SEMrush (paid)

If you want to improve your ranking then SEMRush tool can help you. 

Here are some amazing features of SEMRush:

Keyword Magic Tool

With the help of the SEMRush Keyword Magic Tool, you can find it easy to rank a long tail keyword in just a few clicks.

SEO Writing Assistant

You can use this addon of SEMRush in Google docs. This add-on can help you to write a perfectly SEO optimized article.

This tool also suggests your LSI keywords which you should use in your article.

Website Audit Emails:

SEMRush does a site audit for free and sends you a detailed report of all the technical SEO mistakes…

which will help you to fix this error and improve your ranking.

On-Page SEO Checker:

After creating a project, You can import all of your URLs and keywords through Google Search Console.

Now I’ll tell you what to do to improve your ranking like:

  • Avoid keyword stuffing, 
  • Your competitor doesn’t have a video. So, add a video in your article.
  • The average word count of your competitor is ____. So, add more info to your article.
  • It also suggests where you should create backlinks to improve your ranking.
  • and many more

Steal keywords of Your Competitors:

Just paste your competitor’s article link and press enter.

And this tool will show you all the keywords for which your competitors’ article is ranking for.

From here you can apply a filter to find low KD easy to rank keywords in just one click.

Backlink Gap:

You can compare your site with your competitors to know where your competitors are getting links but you are not.

I have good news for you.

You can use this amazing tool for the next 14 days.

KWFinder (paid)

KWFinder is one of the cheapest premium keyword research tools on the market,  but it is gradually getting more expensive. KWFinder gives you almost everything you need for effective keyword research, all in one place.

KWFinder comes with a very easy dashboard so it’s more effective for beginners.

QuestionDB (free/paid)

QuestionDB is a free/paid tool that is beginners friendly. The user dashboard is quite good and easy to use.

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These tools allow you to get more details and LSI Keywords from different websites like Reddit, StackExchange, etc.

Keyword Sheeter (paid)

Keyword Sheeter is similar to keywords Everywhere. These tools are dammed good if you searching for lots of keywords,  LSI Keywords.

These tools don’t stop searching keywords tail you want to stop. They provide you a large list of your desired keywords. This tool is free but if you want to upgrade more amazing features. 

They have lots of premium features related to keyword research. I recommend you to use a free plan and if you love their service you can upgrade any time. Keyword Sheeter Is the best keyword research tool for SEO

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Keyword Surfer (paid)

Keyword Surfer is the best Chrome extension that will help you analyze Google search results without logging into any tools.

Long Tail Pro (paid)

Long Tail Pro is the success of key if you want to rank your website on google easily.

Long-tail keywords are always easy to rank on google because of their high search volume and low competition. You can target your audience by long-tail keywords, keep in mind long-tail keywords are the most profitable.

Buzzsumo (paid)

Best known, and actually powerful features equipped. The folks say it’s one of the best content marketing tools for content research and social media viral marketing. It’s loved to use for finding online influencers as well.

SEOBook Keyword Suggestion Tool

SEObook is a free tool for keyword research. It’s free to use but you have an account with the website to log in to use the tool.

Proranktracker (paid)

Proranktracker tools help you to find the right keywords to rank your website. They track ranking and the result is 100% accuracy.

These tools help you to your website keyword rank on google. Their analytics and research tools are very powerful, so you can get good results after a few days. Try it yourself for free (Regester)

Mangools (paid)

Mangools is not only an SEO tool but an entire suite of five SEO tools. You can use these tools as primary tools of your daily life.

These tools provide you service from 5 websites that are very powerful themselves. You need to only register at Mangools and you get the access of KWFinder, SERPchecker, SERPwatcher, LinkMiner, SiteProfiler.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a web browser extension for google chrome and Mozilla firefox. This is the best tool I have ever used.

Keywords Everywhere save lots of your time to find relevant keywords. These tools showed results related to long-tail and short-tail keywords with search volume and average CPC.

Some time ago its tools were 100% free but now it’s upgraded as a paid tool with good features. As a paid tool you don’t need to pay a monthly subscription, you only need to buy some credits like ( 1 Credit = 1 Keyword. )

Keywords Everywhere - keyword research tools -
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jaaxy (paid)

Jaaxy is a tool for keyword research, this tool comes with an easy dashboard interface.

It is focused on niche research but you can find your lucky keywords to rank your website at the top of Google.

It is developed by affiliate marketer so if you are an affiliate marketer then these tools help to get you 200% ROI. You can get everything here which is needed for the affiliate marketer.

Serpstat (paid)

Serpstat is a tool for keyword research, you can do everything in the same place. Serpstat is an all in one SEO platform, you discover new keywords related to your main keywords.

These tools provide you with keywords details like Search volume, keyword competition, keyword CPC, keyword Keyword difficulty.

There are lots of SEO tools on the internet which is specialized in backlink checking, keyword research, keyword difficulty but Serpstat tools provide you many features like Domain Analytics,  SEO Research, PPC Research, Web Analytics, Keyword Research, Backlink Analysis, site audit, etc.


SpyFU is the most popular keyword research tool for SEO. These tools help you to find competitors PPC Camping’s details like Budget, Best performing keywords, Most effective ad copy. 

Using this tool You can see how much money they have spent on those camping’s. How many clicks their ads received and how long they were live.

You can find your competitor’s keywords, which keywords they rank. The tools come with a simple interface so beginners can also use it like a pro.

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