9 Best Free WordPress Backup Plugins – [ Important For Security]

Today I’ll share some best free WordPress backup plugins. These plugins help to create a backup of your website. Backup is most important nowadays, especially in WordPress cms.

Why is backup important?

Backup saves your essential data, but it also helps to save your hard work and investment upon your website. If you didn’t have a backup of your website, you might lose your relevant data if any crash happened. There is always a chance; somehow, your website gets hacked, database erases and steals your website files.

All the websites are vulnerable to hackers to hacking attempts, DDOS attacks, data loss, and data theft. WordPress is open-source, so there are lots of chances to get attacks on your website. Sometimes you will face those issues because of your poor web hosting security.

Your backup is essential to save your data from loss. How your website data gets lost, here are some points that harm your site.

Server crash
Human error
Update issue
Resolve malware issues

A back up is like insurance of your website to get back in a normal position. Your website is essential, so make sure you’ll backup every day, week, or month. Being a blogger, I highly prefer to back up a website as much as possible.

Most web hosting companies provide free automatic backup features to their customers, so ask your hosting provider before purchases.

I am using A2 hosting, and they provide a free automatic backup feature to protect my website data safe.

UpdraftPlus Backup Plugin

UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin
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UpdraftPlus is #1 plugin for backup & restore of WordPress website, with over two million current-active installs. The plugin provides a complete solution for backup & restore to keep your important website data safe.

I am personally using this plugin in Blogger Deal and others all my niche sites. I love their simple interface and features.

They allow backup in multiple cloud storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3 (or compatible), UpdraftVault, Rackspace Cloud, FTP, DreamObjects, Openstack Swift, and email.

UpdraftPlus provides a backup scheduling feature so you can easily create a manual backup or auto backup by scheduling.

UpdraftPlus is one of the best free WordPress backup plugins. If you want more premium features, you have to purchase a premium version of UpdraftPlus for $42.00 per year. They have different premium plans, but as per our main focus topics about free WordPress backup plugins, you can use it as free.

Pricing: free (premium version also available)


Duplicator – WordPress Migration Plugin
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Duplicator is a free WordPress backup plugin that comes with an easy interface and lots of feathers. Duplicator is a famous and powerful plugin for securing your data from losing, not only that it helps to migrate your website easily. You can use backup files & database, directory filters, table filters, and migration wizards in the free version of Duplicator.

For beginners, the free version of Duplicator is best to get started, but if you’re an advanced user and want to use lots of feathers, then you can go with the premium plan of Duplicator.

You will get more amazing features to keep your files safe in automation.

Pricing: free (premium version also available)


BackWPup – WordPress Backup Plugin
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BackWPup is a free plugin that allows you to create a backup of your complete website. This plugin is the best for beginners because their features and functions are easy to use.

You can create your backup easily with their auto-scheduling features. Backups can be stored in cloud storage or also can download into your local computer disk.

You can quickly restore a backup from your WordPress dashboard. You don’t require any coding knowledge for backup and restore of your website. The free version comes with minimal features. You can upgrade to use premium features and add on.

Pricing: free (premium version also available)

Akeeba Backup for WordPress

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This is a simple and easy to use WordPress backup & restore plugin. You can create your complete website backup with a single click in different formats like Standard ZIP archives, highly optimized JPA archives or AES-128 secured JPS archives.

 Akeeba Backup for WordPress does automatic configuration for backup and allows a customizable backup profile. You can move or, migrate your blog into another domain as well.

You can store your backup of the website into cloud storage like google drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, and many more.

Pricing: free (premium version also available)


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BackupWordPress is the free WordPress backup plugin, where you can create your WordPress website back up easily. This is the free plugin to create your website backup for safety. The plugin has 200,000+ active installs with high positive reviews.

You can auto-schedule to backup your website, or you can back up your website at different times scheduling multiple auto backups. The plugin works perfectly in a shared hosting platform, so use this plugin if the website hosted in shared hosting.

They are not providing any premium add on like cloud storage and supports. You have to keep safe backup files yourself. If your server gets crashed, then maybe your backup files lost, so download back up on your local computer.

Pricing: free

WP Database Backup – WordPress Database Backup Plugin

WP Database Backup
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If you are looking for the only solution to backup your website database without website files then WP Database Backup is the best option. You can create your database backup in a single click.

The plugins come with a very easy interface. You can create your website database backup yourself without any training. There are lots of features to create backup automatically. You can create a backup by scheduling a date and you will notify via email of backup reports. You can easily restore your backup version of the database in a single click.

You can transfer your database in safe places like google drive, dropbox, amazon s3, and FTP also.

 Pricing: free (premium version also available)

 WP Clone by WP Academy

 WP Clone by WP Academy
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Wp clone is one of the most accessible WordPress backup plugins. Where you can backup your website without any configuration or setting, you can create your complete website back up in a single click. Your backup data is a store n your hosting, portable to download and upload in another website or domain.

When you backup your website, you will get a backup storage URL. With the URL, you can quickly restore in another domain or restore a selection backup from your recent backup list.

Pricing: free (premium version also available)

BlogVault Backups

Backup & Staging – BlogVault Backups
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BlogVault Backups is the best free WordPress backup plugin. The plugin comes with lots of premium features, and this is the highly trusted plugin by famous companies like cloudways, gowp, wp site core, and Astra. 60,000+ active installs from WordPress.org library with 4.6 ratings out of 5.

As I already maintain, they are official backup partners like WPEngine, Pantheon, FlyWheel, LiquidWeb, Cloudways, and more so they have 450,000+ Sites backed up.

They have Incremental backups, so your site never gets slowed because they backup in their servers. The plugin supports multi-site backup, so if you go with their pro plan, you can backup your multiple websites.

Your backup files are safe on their high-quality servers, so they are available 24/7 to restore your backup. On the free plan, all backups save in your servers/hosting to create a backup in a single click and restore them.

Pricing: free (premium version also available)

All-in-One WP Migration

All-in-One WP Migration
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All-in-One WP Migration is the WordPress backup plugin. This plugin is amazing for backup and especially for migration. This plugin is popular and highly trusted by many users. The plugin has 2+ million active installs with 4.8 ratings out of 5.

You can backup and migrate 500 MB of your website size for free. You have to purchase an add on to get access to backup unlimited of size. There are many add-ons available to increase your features such as transfer backup in cloud storage, google drive extension, dropbox extension, amazon s3 extension, FTP extension, mega extension, google cloud storage extension, multisite extension and many more.

This plugin can help to save your time for backup and migration.

Pricing: free (premium version also available)

–>> Frequently Asked Questions <<–

Why is Backup Important for the website?

Backup is the most important while we think about website security. Unfortunately, you lost your website access with all your important files, that is the worst moment in your life. You put lots of effort into building your website, and mistakenly you lost all the data, then you will lose everything like revenue, hard work, reputation, time, and investment. If you have a backup, you don’t need to worry about losing your data because you can restore it anytime.

How to keep the websites safe from hackers?

You can secure your website from hackers by following those tips.
Install WordPress security plugins
Install SSL certificate (HTTPS)
Frequently update your themes & plugins
Keep your password strong
Backup every week or month
Host your website in trusted company

How to take backup without a plugin?

You can use tools like code guard, backup from FTP, and do a manual backup. For manual backup, you have to compress your website into a ZIp file and download then, download your database or SQL file. For FTP backup, you have to connect the website with FTP software like FileZilla then download your complete website and database.

Benefits of the backup stored in cloud storage?

There is always the risk of crash or outage of your hosting. If your web hosting gets crashed, you’ll lose everything, so cloud storage can safely save your files. If you have multiple backup options like an offline backup in your local computer disk, backup in hosting, and backup in cloud storage, it makes your files more secure.

Can Backup resolve malware on my website?

Yes, the backup can resolve the malware issue on your website. After installing a theme or plugins, if you are attacked by malware, then your backup helps to clean your malware and restore the previous version of the website.

How do I backup my entire WordPress site?

There are different ways to create a complete website backup. You can create a backup using the WordPress plugin or a manual backup. If you are beginners, you can use WordPress plugins like All-in-One WP Migration, UpdraftPlus, or duplicator. Have some knowledge of web hosting control panels such as Cpanel or DirectAdmin. You can create a manual backup of your entire WordPress website.

Why is backup important before the theme, plugin update?

Every theme and plugin is not tested with each other so there is always a chance to change your site design, performance, and security. Updating the latest version is most important and in the same way, backup is much more important before updating the latest version. Updates come with new features and functions so it can change your website.

How to find free auto-backup from hosting?

Most of the popular web hosting companies like A2 hosting, greengeeks, Bluehost, and siteground provide auto-backup features with their hosting plans. If you have confusion, you can check out their hosting features, or you can directly live chat with their export support team.

Final Thoughts

And now, you are entirely aware of the best free WordPress backup plugins. You can download and install those plugins from the WordPress plugins library.

Never use cracked or illegal plugins and themes which are downloaded from unauthorized websites, It can harm your website. Frequently backup your website daily, weekly, or monthly as per your requirement. 

I will highly recommend using UpdraftPlus for website backup, I am happy with its backup plugin.

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